Job Description | Part-Time Stylist
EVEREVE dresses the modern woman to feel confidently put together no matter where the day takes her – with curated, contemporary fashion that’s modern, versatile and has just the right amount of edge. EVEREVE operates 100 stores across 30 states, a thriving e-comm business, and a subscription styling service called Trendsend. Last year, EVEREVE reached the 1 million customer mark.
We love fashion, but we love people more. As a Part-Time Stylist with us, you will find joy in serving others and guiding them to the outfits that fit their body type, lifestyle and sense of style.

Part-Times Stylists:

Act as an Ambassador of our Core Values:
Humility: The ability to recognize your value, strengths and weaknesses as well as the value of others.
Empathy: The ability to understand and value the perspective and feelings of others.
Authenticity: Embracing who you are, listening to yourself and making decisions based on personal conviction.
Relationships: Developing genuine connections, lifting others up and following through on team commitments.
Tenacity: The courage to try something new, persist through difficulty and seek solutions.

Exude positive energy. Bring consistent positive energy and warmth to the styling floor, Find joy in your work. Be playful yet professional and share appropriately. Know how to fill yourself up with energy when you are feeling low so you are able to be your best and deliver joy to others. Be prepared to receive feedback and remain coachable. We have a very specific experience and high expectations for delivering joy and styling customers. This will take time and feedback to learn and grow in your skills.

Help create a healthy store culture. Build trust with your team and customers. Create positive team relationships. Team-style together to create a friend shopping experience. Encourage team members to bring issues up to their leaders vs. out to their peers. Have the courage and integrity to hold EVEREVE standards high. Communicate your needs or concerns to your Store Manager in a supportive way and seek resolution together. Don’t forget to have fun!

Build your fashion cred. The more credible you feel in your fashion and styling expertise the stronger stylist you will be for your customers. Fashion is constantly evolving. Try-on all new product consistently to assess fit and create outfit inspiration. Become an expert in styling to body type, lifestyle and sense of style. Use the seasonal styling guides to create go-to looks for your customers. Believe in all EVEREVE product and find the love for items that may not fit your personal style or are outside of your comfort zone. Remember to comb for looks that serve your customer’s style and taste vs. your own. Try new things, let your peers style you and push you outside of your own comfort zone, after all, you’re asking your customers to do the same.

Deliver HEART to the best of your abilities with every customer. The HEART Styling Experience differentiates us from all other retailers. Hello & Establish Trust represents our warm welcome and authentic engagement. Don’t forget our store mantra….”WE WILL MISS NO ONE”. Assess – use your styling skills to bridge your connection with the customer to product she’ll love. This is where we work the hardest for her and comb the store for items that will work for her life, her style and her body. Real Styling – where the magic happens and we show her how to turn these items into outfits and how to style the latest trends with confidence. Thank & Invite Her Back – she could shop anywhere, but she chose EVEREVE and we want to show our sincerest appreciation and invite her back for the next visit.

Build Community & Brand Awareness. Share the EVEREVE mission with customers. Share stories and use words that describe what kind of store EVEREVE is. Know and share YOUR EVEREVE story. Attract others to work with you. Build up our brand by being inclusive of all EVEREVE stores and shopping channels including introducing customers to services like Trendsend / Dressing Room to Go. Seek leads to host Style Socials from your social network and from your customers.

Contribute to the Store’s Financial Success. Sales generation follows the law of averages. If you consistently deliver HEART to every customer, listen to advice and coaching from your leaders and take advantage of team styling with your leaders and peers- results at EVEREVE are very achievable.
● Minimum $140 SPC (Sales per Customer).
● Minimum $150 SPH (Sales Per Styling Hour)


What we look for from you.
● Tenacity, grit and can-do attitude.
● A growth mindset, open to learning and developing.
● Strong relationship skills; ability to develop authentic connections.
● Team player who works well in a group dynamic.
● Inclusive of ALL! We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we welcome EVERYONE.
● A calm presence in the face of challenge or adversity.
● Smiles, we like smiles a lot!

Three ways to apply:
1. https://evereve.com/careers (select the Bridgewater location)
2. Email Store (anne.dottino@evereve.com or monique.quick@evereve.com)
3. Walk in interviews (the candidate may stop by the store to inquire more information about the position)